Saturday, 29 October 2011

Go-to destinations for fab night out dresses at the last minute...

I've had some really good nights out recently which has meant needing lots of new dresses. I don't know about you, but the places I rush to when I'm in a hurry to find a last minute dress for a night out are: cheap and a wide variety (sometimes can be a bit tacky) and lots of sparkle, things you wouldn't find on the highstreet but very hit and miss!
ASOS- reasonably priced and a MASSIVE selection to choose from! big celeb following (OK, Z-list celebs, but still!) They genuinely do have some lovely dresses and shoes! and again, they have a wide variety to choose from.
Lipsy- bit more expensive but they definitely know how to do GLAMOUR
John Zack- not many people know who I'm talking about when I mention him but his dresses can be found in the big London Topshop and in most House of Fraser stores- Again, it's total glamour on a budget.
And of course, not forgetting- Topshop- to the minute style and quick delivery for online buys!
Here are some of the dresses I've worn out recently....


John Zack


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Weekend purchase

Hey guys- sorry haven't posted for a while, things have got so busy with work but that just means I earn more money to spend on clothes! I got paid on Friday so today I thought I'd treat myself to some shopping with my nearest and dearest freind, Kasia. To be honest, I was very controlled- I mostly bought make-up as I was desperate to replace some old make-up which had got to that horrible crumbly stage (you know what I'm talking about) However, I spotted this dress in topshop and loved it. I'm not usually a fan of zebra print but this one is very subtle, Infact, you could argue its just a black and white print and doesn't really resemble a zebra in any way, shape or form- Anyway, I fell in love with it but they only had an 8 which I just managed to squeeze my ever growing body into. However, I thought a 10 would be more comfortable so when I got home I ordered it. Can't wait to recieve it and I'm planning to wear it next Saturday on a night out in Notting Hill with my friend Katie. I also bought this gorgeous aubergine oversized clutch from River Island.

River Island