Monday, 28 May 2012

My favourite celeb looks for summer

I don't do posts focusing on celebrity fashion often but I thought I would share some of my inspirations; people I feel have that throw it on, effortless look about them. It's a talent being able to put great looks together whilst making it look like you threw it on in a hurry whilst rushing out the door to work (although I doubt some of the people in this post are ever in a rush to get to work, or even have jobs!) Here are some of my top favourite fashion icons to give you some inspiration for your summer wardrobe!

I absolutely love this Zara blazer. Yellow is a massive colour this summer and this blazer has been a sure-fire favourite amongst the celebs and the general public! Everyone has got it! This isn't necessarily a good thing, but at least you'll know people are bound to love it! Millie Mackintosh is becoming a fast favourite of mine when it comes to looking to celebs for fashion inspiration

This was American socialite and fashionista, Olivia Palermo's LFW outfit this year. I'm loving floral trousers this summer and again, we can see the colour of the summer, yellow, making an appearance. A tan bag is also always great in the sunny months! Her style has evolved a lot since the clean-cut New York Princess days in 'The City' and I'm loving it!

One of my all-time favourite fashion icons is Lauren Conrad. Since the days of The Hills I have followed her fashion sense as it is really close to my own. She's diverse in what she wears but I wanted to focus on her love for maxi dresses as I love a good maxi dress in the Summer! A plain maxi dress is great for the day time-grey, black, white. However, a colourful one can be worn later in the day for a great evening party look. Tie-dye is also beautiful in a maxi. 

Monday, 14 May 2012

Feeling inspired for summer in this miserable weather can be hard but June is just around the corner and we need to start thinking about the trends for the sunny months to come! Wedges are a big thing for Spring/Summer 2012 and I'm loving these nude pink and black ones from Topshop. It's always great to go for a 1940's vintage look in the summer and this cherry print dress, also from Topshop, really encapsulates that look. I am also completely in love with this white playsuit, which from the front looks like nothing special- However, when you turn it around, the gorgeous white lace detail gives it a really interesting and pretty edge. A denim jacket is perfect in the summer for when things get a bit chillier in the evening. It goes with practically everything- every colour, every print and keeps your look relaxed and casual. Bit of a Topshop fest in this post but I've had a massive Zara phase recently so it's about time!

Topshop playsuit £46

gorgeous lace back

wedges (as featured before) topshop £55

Topshop £40

Topshop £36

Topshop £55

Friday, 4 May 2012

My favourite items of the week

Why is it that whenever your personal funds are running catastrophically low the shops seem to be filled with clothes and accessories that make you want to rob that passing pensioner because you need those shoes in your life that badly?! This is always seems to be the case with me and I've heard many girls alike moan that, when they do have money, rather typically 'there is nothing in the shops!' Well, as a blogger, I can't shy away from the shops when the window shopping becomes almost too torturous to bear and so, I sacrafice my own sanity to bring you my favourite items of the week - which I can't afford!- all because, well... I'm just a selfless fashion junkie..

Topshop LBD £20

Zara £39.99

Zara £59.99

Zara £22.99

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

What I'm longing for...

Being rather strapped for cash of late, trips to the shops are becoming more and more torturous by the week. There are so many gorgeous items that I have my eye on! Zara seems to have steamed, full pelt ahead onto my favourite shop top spot and I can see it staying there for some time. I think as you get older you need and expect more from your clothes- great tailoring, classic shaping, quality material and, of course, a reasonable price tag and I think Zara is living up to all of these vital requirements. That's why you'll spot that a lot of my desired items in recent posts are from the ultra-successful Spanish store. I've also been pining after this stunning, vintage inspired necklace from h'n'm for weeks but it's obviously far too popular as it's sold out online and in all the stores I've visited so far. I will make it my mission to track it down!

necklace: h'n'm £7.99

I'm loving the gold studded detail on the neckline of this gorgeous turquoise peplum top from Zara. Turquoise is such a great colour for summer too!

Zara £29.99

A great pair of wedges is essential for the summer and these ones are going straight on my 'to buy' list!

Topshop £55