Monday, 20 February 2012

Love to splurge....

I've just finished my time at doing product writing for their website. I had a great time working there and learnt a lot. For example, I learnt that, even after having studied English at University, I struggled to write concisely. This was a somewhat disheartening, but useful and, slightly lifechanging discovery. Repition seemed to be my biggest problem; 'little girl' twice in the same sentence, 'great' three times in the same sentence! It was quite shocking how unaware I was of the faults in my own writing ability. By the end of my time there I felt I had rectified my apparent illiteracy to a point but I am looking forward to improving further through my blog over the next few weeks so keep reading for some extremely well written and concise (hopefully) blog posts!

Anyway, onto the real business.. FASHION!.. I thought I would treat myself  to a few things when my contract came to an end so here is what I chose to purchase..

I love this blazer from Topshop and it can be translated from winter to Spring/Summer because of the soft, neutral colouring!

topshop £36

river island £35

These dresses will make such cute daytime outfits paired with tights, ankle boots and a blazer!

I really wanted to get some summer items now; a) to give me inspiration to work harder at the gym by staring at this gorgeous bright and bold orange bikini from river island every day until June and until that summer body is back! and b) Just to give me something to look forward to during these cold and wet months! I can't wait to wear these stunning red wedges, also from river island, with little summer dresses and playsuits. I think summer is all about wearing colours you wouldn't necessarily in the Winter. Be a braver you!

river island £12


river island £50

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