Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Be a braver you!

Bright colours are always a bit of a daunting prospect. Can I pull it off? Will it make me stand out too much? Do they look a bit tacky? are just some of the questions that go through, certainly my head, when picking a colourful item out of my wardrobe. I'm a play it safe kind of girl, usually opting for neutral nudes, beiges, blacks, greys, browns and whites. However, this is a box I am trying to break out of. I'd say I'm definitely a lot more daring in the summer when I feel like bright hues are more 'acceptable.' As you can see from my last post, my first two summer buys are both bold choices for a self-professed colour prude but I am dedicated to change. Last weekend I had a fab night out in central London with two of my closest girlfriends and decided this was the perfect opportunity to brave the battle against my neutral comfort zone. I wore this bright red playsuit from Motel and thought, while I'm at it, why not go crazy teaming it with topshop's 'In the red' nail varnish and their 'Infrared' lipstick. The term 'Matchy, Matchy' springs to mind but I suppose I just got a bit carried away on my colour quest!

playsuit: Motel Rita Cut out playsuit £48
topshop lipstick: 'Infrared' £5
topshop nail varnish: 'In the Red' £5

me and the girls- love this pic :)

'Deep Passion'- Yummiest Cocktail EVER!

teaming my playsuit with my old and reliable H'n'M leather jacket
my fave topshop black heels and tights to brave the weather!

Monday, 20 February 2012

Love to splurge....

I've just finished my time at AlexandAlexa.com doing product writing for their website. I had a great time working there and learnt a lot. For example, I learnt that, even after having studied English at University, I struggled to write concisely. This was a somewhat disheartening, but useful and, slightly lifechanging discovery. Repition seemed to be my biggest problem; 'little girl' twice in the same sentence, 'great' three times in the same sentence! It was quite shocking how unaware I was of the faults in my own writing ability. By the end of my time there I felt I had rectified my apparent illiteracy to a point but I am looking forward to improving further through my blog over the next few weeks so keep reading for some extremely well written and concise (hopefully) blog posts!

Anyway, onto the real business.. FASHION!.. I thought I would treat myself  to a few things when my contract came to an end so here is what I chose to purchase..

I love this blazer from Topshop and it can be translated from winter to Spring/Summer because of the soft, neutral colouring!

topshop £36

river island £35

These dresses will make such cute daytime outfits paired with tights, ankle boots and a blazer!

I really wanted to get some summer items now; a) to give me inspiration to work harder at the gym by staring at this gorgeous bright and bold orange bikini from river island every day until June and until that summer body is back! and b) Just to give me something to look forward to during these cold and wet months! I can't wait to wear these stunning red wedges, also from river island, with little summer dresses and playsuits. I think summer is all about wearing colours you wouldn't necessarily in the Winter. Be a braver you!

river island £12


river island £50

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Recent purchase

I always like to show off my recent purchases in my blogposts so I thought I would share this one with you all. Really loving the slouchy jumper with skinnies and heeled boots look this winter (and a HUGE coat in this weather of course!) so I was flicking through the 'new in' category on one of my favourite online shops, missguided.co.uk and found this great jumper! I love it and can't wait to wear it with my black Leigh skinnies from topshop and some cute heeled boots!

Scarf Print

A new trend which is bombarding the High Street at the moment is the scarf print. This is a trend for a fashion forward girl who is not afraid to stand out due to it's colourful and bold prints. I like to think I know what looks good but, I must admit, I am not one of these girls! I like to keep things simple whilst still trying to follow trends to an extent and I certainly don't like to stand out! However, I am a fan of this emerging trend but I think I would choose to wear it one piece at a time. If you have the guts, I think doubling up and mixing prints looks great too! So I have put together an outfit I would wear combining this new trend with a more simple item and an outfit mixing two prints for the braver of you out there!

My safe option:

topshop £24

river island £30

river island £60

doubling up:

topshop £40

same as above

same as above

mixing prints: 

topshop £26

topshop £35

topshop £62 (I want these shoes so bad!)