Friday, 4 November 2011

Recent purchases

I have been working just behind Selfridges for the past two weeks at SME London, the events company who organise London Fashion Weekend so the temptation to shop til i drop has never been more intense. However, the budget is tight so I have just made a few new additions to la wardrobe- these burgundy jeans I love. This colours really 'in' at the moment with lots of 'celebs' being pictured choosing these wine, claret, burgunday, whatever you'd like to call them, tones. I also bought this black jumper from topshop as a winter warmer and bloody hell, does it do what it says on the tin! Wished I had worn something underneath it when I got to the office! I also bought this leopard print playsuit from topshop to wear with tights, black ankle boots and a leather jacket. I'd wanted it for a while and just decided to splash out... :)


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