Saturday, 4 February 2012

Scarf Print

A new trend which is bombarding the High Street at the moment is the scarf print. This is a trend for a fashion forward girl who is not afraid to stand out due to it's colourful and bold prints. I like to think I know what looks good but, I must admit, I am not one of these girls! I like to keep things simple whilst still trying to follow trends to an extent and I certainly don't like to stand out! However, I am a fan of this emerging trend but I think I would choose to wear it one piece at a time. If you have the guts, I think doubling up and mixing prints looks great too! So I have put together an outfit I would wear combining this new trend with a more simple item and an outfit mixing two prints for the braver of you out there!

My safe option:

topshop £24

river island £30

river island £60

doubling up:

topshop £40

same as above

same as above

mixing prints: 

topshop £26

topshop £35

topshop £62 (I want these shoes so bad!)

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