Friday, 4 May 2012

My favourite items of the week

Why is it that whenever your personal funds are running catastrophically low the shops seem to be filled with clothes and accessories that make you want to rob that passing pensioner because you need those shoes in your life that badly?! This is always seems to be the case with me and I've heard many girls alike moan that, when they do have money, rather typically 'there is nothing in the shops!' Well, as a blogger, I can't shy away from the shops when the window shopping becomes almost too torturous to bear and so, I sacrafice my own sanity to bring you my favourite items of the week - which I can't afford!- all because, well... I'm just a selfless fashion junkie..

Topshop LBD £20

Zara £39.99

Zara £59.99

Zara £22.99

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