Thursday, 22 September 2011

My first break...

Finally after 3 months in London filled with a month long internship followed by rejection after rejection and disappointment after disappointment, I have landed my first editorial job. Having pulled what feels like 3,000,000 pints, I have finally moved one step closer to getting out of the pub and into what I really want to be doing. I must say, I was beginning to lose hope that I would ever get anywhere with my applications. Other graduates my age must know what I mean- it feels like you do hundreds of applications and no-one is actually reading them. If you send out a hundred you might get two responses, if you send out fifty you might get one and if you send out 25 you probably won't get a single one. It's a numbers game, as my mum always says, or it is just pure luck. I applied for a fashion assistant role at Alexandalexa, a high-end designer kidswear website and yes, I got rejected from that particular role but they e-mailed me back asking if I would be interested in doing some free-lance product writing for their website, Interested?! I would be bloody over the moon, is what I thought although I think I may have worded my response slightly differently. And so, here I am, after my first day in the office there and life has gone from bloody miserable to great all in one day.... Funny how that can happen isn't it. Word of advice to anyone feeling like there's no hope- don't give up! You never know what's around the corner! (Excuse the cliche)

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