Friday, 16 September 2011

My take on the Topman T-shirts contraversy

I don't usually comment on men's fashion but when I read a piece in the mail yesterday about the Topman T-shirts promoting domestic violence and a sexist attitude towards women I was compelled to comment on it. I wasn't immediately compelled to blog about until I had a debate with a male freind of mine who credited the contraversy to an overreaction to the by the 'PC brigade.' I, more than anyone, agree with the notion of the pc brigade and their holier than thou approach and reaction to everything and anything contraversial nowadays. They have taken the joy, fun and laughter out of so many things that Britain used to, and should, be still enjoying- commedians are asked to revoke comments meant as obvious jokes, tv presenters are asked to apologise for thoughtless slips of the tongue and so on and so on. However, on this occasion I have to agree with the decision to remove these sexist and offensive t-shirts from the shelves and the online topman stores. Being a girl in her early twenties, I am only too aware of the sexist attitude towards women that still exists in our apparently 'modern and equal' world. The comments from builders or just from men in general when you walk down the street, the wolf whistles, the bum pinching-they all think we enjoy it- but what they don't know is that it makes us feel like a piece of meat, it embaresses us and it makes us feel uncomfortable, if not, scared. How many of you girls out there have heard one of your male freinds boasting about 'pulling a pig' or getting off with an 'ugly bird' or a 'dog' because they were just 'so drunk.' These T-shirts compound, to me, all that is still wrong with some men's attitudes towards women at this time. I say some because of course I have male freinds who wouldn't dream of treating or talking about women with such little respect but my general feeling is there is a lack of respect for women and young girls today and these T-shirts, I believe, do nothing but make men feel like it is acceptable and further more, funny. This sexist 'banter' has got to stop and this is why I am glad these T-shirts have sparked contraversy amongst domestic violence organisations and women's equality organisations and have consequently been removed.

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