Thursday, 4 August 2011

depending on the weather....

We are experiencing some seriously dodgy weather at the moment and this makes it hard to choose what to wear in the morning.. A lot of the time recently the sun has been shining in the morning and we have come back from work drenched wearing a summer dress and flip flops, or we have woken up to miserable rain and come back hot and sweaty after the tube ride from hell in our cable knits and trench coats... Here, I have put together the perfect outfit which can be adapted to meet either extreme end of the weather spectrum..... This gorgeous polka-dot river Island playsuit can be teamed with bear legs and wedges or flip flops for the perfect summer outfit- BUT- and its a big but, it can be adapted with that pair of tights and black blazer which you can easily carry around in your huge tote full off essentials. ;)

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