Thursday, 4 August 2011

My beautiful friend Katie.....

I met Katie in the second year of uni when we started taking the same English lit module on something deathly boring no doubt. I noticed her straight away because of her piercing blue eyes and her 'cool girl' aura. I could tell we were going to be friends. She looked stylish and seemed funny and soon we began sitting next to eachother and gossiping about boys, discussing the drawbacks of the 'bad boy' and eventually consoling eachother about break-ups. God knows how we got any work done as we never paid attention- However, Katie didn't need to- aswell as beauty this girl is also blessed with brains and it was clear from the start that she was one of the clever-clogs in the classroom. Her eloquent and articulate speaking manner (as you can see from her video blogs) was enough to pursaude anyone of her intelligence.

 In May this year, Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 21. When she told me a week or so later I was shocked- breast cancer at 21? How? Why? And to such a beautiful, intelligent girl- It just wasn't fair. Katie may have asked herself these questions too- Infact, I'm 100% certain she has- but she has not lingered on them- Instead she has accepted her 'predicament,' as she often referrs to it in her blogs, and has fought it head on in a way in which only the bravest of individuals could. Not only has she decided to shave off her beautiful and distinctive red hair and faced the chemo like a courageous warrior going into battle, she has also made it her mission to spread awareness among young women that cancer can strike at any age. Her video blogs are immensely informative aswell as moving and inspiring- I think everyone should view them (by following the link provided at the right hand side of the page under 'katie's video blogs), if not to find out more about cancer, then to learn something from this inspiring young woman who has taken everything that has been thrust at her and has used it to bring awareness to young women about the dangers of this age- defying and horrible disease- she is truly an inspiration of astronomical proportions.

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