Thursday, 4 August 2011

My top- three going out looks of the past few months

When you're going out choosing what to wear can be stressful! The trick is to not try too hard. Don't give yourself hours to get ready applying make-up etc as you will probably end up putting too much on and go out looking like, well, a tranny! When it comes to dressing, think about what you're going to wear in advance- there's nothing worse than getting all hot and flustered trying on hundreds of different outfits with your freinds waiting around for you! Don't stick to any rules either. My top three favourite going out looks from the past few months have been quite different. It depends how confident you're feeling on the night. A little black dress (or navy blue in my case) is always a safe option for a night where you may not be feeling your best. I chose this fcuk bodycon number. Then there's the nights that you feel good and ready to try something a bit more daring- these nights call for the patterns and bright colours like my lipsy dress here. But- don't always feel like you have to wear a dress- shorts teamed with a bodice top or a blouse, like my red topshop sheer one here, are just as sexy! However, if you are going to wear a blouse I would opt for some edgier shorts like my leather topshop ones I chose to wear- to offset the girliness of a blouse.

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