Friday, 19 August 2011

What I bought this week..

This week I went to stables market as I said in my earlier post.. There's a gorgeous shop there right in the center of the market that do loads of cool and beautiful stuff. I got this vintage inspired, pale, pink pleated midi skirt there as I just couldn't walk out the shop without it. It's so feminine and pretty. I also bought some leopard print boots this week in Peacocks of all places! I never go in there but there's one in my new local shopping center in Shepherd's bush- West 12 and I saw them and just thought they would spice up a dull outfit and they were cheap as chips! I also bought this leather skirt this week from H'n'M. I think this is really cool- It would go so well with flirty feminine blouses etc and would give them an edge or it could go with a full on rock chick look with a leopard print T and loads of necklaces or something. I think it's great- I wore it to my new! magazine interview this week with a bright pink sheer blouse, tights and ankle boots and it gave the whole outfit an edge rather than just being a pretty girly outfit with the pink blouse and a feminine skirt to go with it. Boring!

pink skirt-stables market, camden
boots- peacocks
leather look skirt- H'n'M

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