Thursday, 18 August 2011

Stables Market, Camden

Just thought I would write a post about one of my favourite fashion destinations in London, Stables Market. I've been going there a few years now and I could still walk around for hours. There's so much to see! From a fashion point of view, it's the place to see all the different types of fashion come together in one place. Stables is full of fashion variety- you've got the punk rock fashions, the goth, old school vintage, contemporary vintage and then beautiful contemporary clothes- which you will find to be the same quality (if not, better) as the highstreet but for, on average, about £10 pounds cheaper. It's also just a great and exciting day out. Not only do you see so many different kinds of people and fashion, but it has so many cool trinkets- old style posters, home-made jewellery, vintage furnishings, antiques etc etc! And the food! wow! There are food stalls all around the market where you can have chinese, indian, thai, turkish or Italian food! But there is also a specialised food market just outside the main market right by Camden lock and here you can literally have any kind of food you want including the ones mentioned previously and Spanish, turkish and Polish!- basically anything you want! I would reccomend this market if you are looking for some beautiful vintage or vintage inspired contemporary pieces and just for a fab day out! If you haven't been yet- you HAVE to go!


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