Monday, 15 August 2011

Spoilt rotten

So it's my 22nd birthday today and I've been busy shopping and going out for dinner at Gilgamesh restaurant with my family. Wow! That place is incredible and the food is so good that I now look and feel like I'm about to give birth to triplets! Blogging has been slow today obviously because of all the activity but now I've got lots of exciting gifts and purchases to blog about! I headed to the new Forever 21 store today with my birthday money. The clothes weren't really my style but they have some great accessories and jewellery in there. If you're in to big stone rings and long pendants like I am you will love it! And it's so reasonable, if not, cheap! Everything is about £4. I bought a turquoise ring, 2 pairs of stud earrings and a pair of danglies and 2 long pendants for about £25! I was also given the new Vera Wang scent, 'Lovestruck' by my gorgeous freind Rosie which I was very excited about as it smells delicious and I have wanted it for ages. My brother's lovely girlfriend and my flatmate, Emily also got me two gorgeous rings. (Lots of jewellery today!) And then with my birthday money I decided to buy that lacey dress from Urban which I posted about earlier and was desperate to own!, a red Miss Selfridge dress, a top which I just had to buy merely for the slogan, 'High heels high hopes' ( and it was only a tenner!) and finally, a sheer pink blouse from Topshop I had had my eye on for a while. Here it all is....

cream lace top dress- urban outfitters
red dress- miss Selfridge
pink shirt- topshop
'high heels high hopes' top- H'n'M
Forever 21 and 2 rings were gifts (top left- topshop. top right- vintage store in stow on the wold, oxfordshire called 'All that sparkles.'
Forever 21 pendant necklaces
'Lovestruck' by Vera Wang

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