Monday, 22 August 2011

What I wore out this weekend...

This weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday (It was actually on monday but what can you do on a Monday?!) with a few of my freinds from school and Uni. We went out for a lovely meal at this little authentic Italian place opposite Shepherd's bush green called Al forno and then moved on to The Gate on notting hill gate which is a great bar. Had quite a lot to drink there and a really fun night. But anyway, onto the important matter for a fashion blog: what I wore. I chose to wear this simple black bodycon dress from topshop (the back isnt quite so simple as you'll see) but because it was so plain I decided to pair it with this gorgeous statement necklace- also from topshop. I loved the look and felt comfortable but I would never have worn the dress with nothing to make it stand out. The necklace was the perfect accompliment to jazz up a dress that would have been too dull for me otherwise.

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