Friday, 5 August 2011

What I'm wearing today.....

Seeing as the sun's come out and I'm bored of being in all day doing job applications, I thought I'd dress up and walk down to Shepherd's bush common with a smoothie and this is what I have chosen to wear to embark on this mini-adventure. I'm going home tonight to the Cotswolds dressed in this too- bet they'll be no-one else on the Oxford tube dressed like this! :/ Ohhh well! My skirt is from River Island (my favourite store at the moment), top is from topshop, wedges I bought in the sale at ALDO, westfield and my necklace and ring are from H'n'M. This big gold studded bangle is from Accessorize! :)

Top- Topshop
skirt- River Island
Wedges- Aldo
ring- h'n'm
bangle- Accessorize

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